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Mujhay Jeenay Do Episode 15 Urdu1 18th December 2017

Mujhay Jeenay Do Episode 15 Urdu1 18th December 2017

Mujhay Jeenay Do Episode 15 Urdu1 18th December 2017 in HD.
It’s a serial that is touching several serious problems that are created a neighborhood of our culture however at a similar time educating individuals on their rights.
MJD could be a story supported Saira’s life from associate degree eight-year-old kid to associate degree eighteen-year-old full-grown lady.
It starts with Saira’s older sister dying at kid birth and the way Nasseb is pressurised by her family, Murad and Khuda bakhsh to require Saira as his partner for the sake of the parentless baby, that could be a observe still followed in several rural areas no matter the laws passed on kid wedding.
Nasseb although is reluctant to travel ahead with this arrangement however thanks to the Brobdingnagian pressure he agrees. Following that he keeps on obtaining irritated by Saira since she remains {a kid|a toddler|a baby} WHO is supposed to play and move to college rather then take care of another child or run a family.
To ease matters, he marries Shahina WHO has more established a turbulent wedding and on being crushed up by her husband in her last stage of physiological state, loses her kid and files a case against Mumdo, her husband.
Shaboo is her childhood friend WHO is that the son of a girl physician Yasmeen, on growing up they continue their relationship not realizing their likeness for every different is on the far side a straightforward relationship.
Yasmeen is married to Iftikhar WHO has settled within the town and has remarried Saeeda of that Yasmeen has no clue until a latter half within the story, however thanks to her soft nature she accepts this relationship and moves on with life.

Mujhay Jeenay Do Episode 15 Urdu1

Mujhay Jeenay Do Episode 15 – 18th December 2017

What follows is innocent romance, lots of intricacies, suspense, large drama and every one the correct ingredients that compose a fortunate drama.
Murad eventually murders Yasmeen as a result of her interference within the ways in which of the village and therefore the system they believe.
the villagers and family don’t seem to be willing to know Saira and Shaboo’s relationship and labels it as criminal conversation. Here we have a tendency to question the council system and the way they wrong take the law in their hands and pass judgement. Due to that system Saira and Shaboo ar punishable to bodily hurt wherever Nasseb realizes his lack of understanding the lifetime of a toddler Who had to offer up her childhood, her dreams to please him all her life and he decides to sacrifices his second partner Shahina to avoid wasting Saira.
As the council is near to penalise Saira, Murad fuels them up to stone her alive, even if they understand it isn’t Saira however Shahina before them to serve Saira’s social control, they offer no heed to Nasseb’s intervention to guard Shahina, until Saeeda seems with the police as per her promise to the deceased Yasmeen to invariably defend Shaboo as her own.
Director: Angeline Malik
Writer: Shahid Nizami
Producer: Angelic Films
OST: Arieb Azhar & Gulshan Jehan