Facebook and Instagram ban private gun
Facebook and Instagram ban private gun

Facebook & Instagram prohibit private cannon adverts

Private individuals will not  allowed to advertise guns like wapon on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook had before forbidden the sale of guns without ID checks, but the new rules plan to stop all gun trade between persons on the sites.

Businesses can still advertise guns on Facebook and Instagram.

The move comes three weeks after US President Barack Obama unveiled new restrictions on gun purchases.

The US President decision-making actions included background checks for all gun sellers and the need for states to provide information on people disqualified from buying guns due to mental illness or domestic violence.

The rule change brings gun sales under the same restrictions placed on illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals by Facebook, that has 1.59bn users worldwide.

Further  that Facebook “was unfortunately and unwittingly serving as an online platform for dangerous people to get guns,” Shannon Watts, of the Everytown for Gun Safety campaign group, told Associated Press.

The group said it had found evidence that, in two cases, guns had been bought on the site and used to kill others.

Everytown for Gun Safety was one of a number of groups that had called on Facebook to change its policy.

The National Rifle Association , which opposes changes to gun legislation, has not yet respond to Facebook’s decision.

In 2014, the NRA said previous moves by the network to limit gun advertising were insignificant.

In late 2013, New York’s attorney general, Eric T Schneiderman, wrote to Facebook, alerting them to “a number of groups in which users promoted the sale of assault rifles, handguns, rifles, shotguns and gun parts.”

Several hours after Facebook’s announcement on Friday, dozens of groups on the site advertising private gun sales remained live.

Source: BBC