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Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 29 Hum Tv 1st November 2017

Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 29 Hum Tv 1st November 2017

The story starts with Zubia Khalil a lassie mourning over her mother’s overtime caused by her father’s physical violence. She had Associate in Nursing elder brother Rehan and his married woman Sheema. Her father Khalil has vulnerable all of them to stay their mouths shut concerning the reason behind their mother’s death. Khalil could be a fiery and conservative one who has accidentally killed his married woman by slapping her as a result of she disobeyed him.The incident happened as a result of Zubia required to go to her friend’s house for a few trip and insisted her mother accompany her. Her mother had been proscribed by her father to keave the house. once her father discovered the incident he ill-treated her thus exhausting she went sprawling down and also the back of her head hit the bed, killing her instantly. Zubia’s kinswoman Mahjabin arrives at the time and consoles deeply destroyed Zubia.

Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 29 Hum TV

Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 29 Hum TV Drama 1st November 2017

The second plot line involves a family in national capital, wherever a family is celebrating their son Daniyal’s wedding together with his cousin-german Geti. Daniyal could be a young professional person who has recently graduated from London and conjointly a particularly sensible and honest person. Asfandyar is that the younger brother of Daniyal UN agency would depart for city for medical studies when his brother’s wedding. he’s a full of life and comic person and impressive in addition. The family maintains a big name among society as Usman (Daniyal and Asfandyar’s father) could be a eminent professional person too. Asfandyar is engaged to his different cousin-german Faryal. Her father is brother to Asfand’s.

Yaqeen Ka Safar is a famous Pakistani television series, airing on Hum TV. It features Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Ali, Shaz Khan and Hira Salman in leading roles, with Ehteshamuddin, Suhaee Abro and Farhan Ali Agha in crucial supporting roles.