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Ghairat Episode 11 & 12 – 25th September 2017

Ghairat Episode 11 & 12 – 25th September 2017

Ghairat Episode 11 & 12 – 25th September 2017 in HD.
There area unit several things price living for, a number of things price dying for, however nothing price killing for. He was my revered brother, however he killed my sister within the name of honor. He threw acid on her and burned her as a result of she wished to measure her life her method. Her sin was that he was her brother!’ I, Saba, together with my mother was screaming; beggary before of him for her life. however what we tend to saw is that the ashes of her body within the finish. Who gave him this right to require somebody’s life? however will someone gain honor by killing his sister? Like my sister; many daughters and sisters are dead for allegedly transferral shame on their families in numerous ways that, together with selecting to marry men of their own alternative and typically for a really petty reason like supporting an admirer flee.

Ghairat Episode 11 & 12 on Ary Digital

Ghairat Episode 11 & 12 on Ary Digital 25 September 2017

And such folks go forth with none penalty attributable to an equivalent ‘honor’ we tend to all prefer to shield. As a sister of the exact same brother, I faced similar hurdles to avoid wasting my life, I unbroken on trying outside for facilitate. My cousin; my supporter, my life saver apparently became the love of my life. There can be no doable honor in killing somebody. Would I as a woman during this society ever be able to take represent my sister or myself? This story isn’t simply of my family however can be of yours. allow us to all stop this killing of daughters and sisters within the name of GHAIRAT!
Writer: Edison Idrees

Director: Ahmed Bhatti


Iqra Aziz
Syed Jibran
Muneeb Butt
Jinaan Hussain
Saman Ansari
Samena Ahmed
Faizan Sheikh and others

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