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Be Inteha Episode 27 Urdu1 11 October 2017

Be Inteha Episode 27 Urdu1 11th October 2017

Be Inteha Episode 27 Urdu1 11th October 2017 in HD. Be Inteha Episode 27 Urdu1 11 October 2017 high quality Youtube Video,
They say it isn’t love if you haven’t given as of yourself away, such is that the story of Bisma, UN agency is all able to marry her family friend Ali however the love and romance she had perpetually been dreaming of is missing from this bond. Love knocks at the door of her life at the incorrect time once she comes face to face with Shehriyar, a young, jam-packed with life artist,who is himself unaware that this meeting can rotate their lives forever. For Sherry, it absolutely was love initially sight, except for Bisma, it may well be nothing additional as she isn’t solely a shortly to be bride however is additionally the female offspring of associate over protecting , nevertheless fond father who has his eyes on each movement.

Be Inteha Episode 27 Urdu1

Be Inteha Episode 27 Urdu1 Drama 11th October 2017

Sherry has set that he can get through to Bisma in any means doable as by accident Ali seems to be his past love, however very little did Shehriyar apprehend that Bisma is to become Ali’s bride. Shehriyar’s makes an attempt area unit melting Bisma’s heart and she or he fears that she may not be able to survive while not this man who has modified her life’s map forever. Beinteha could be a journey of affection, of sacrifice, and also the reality that notwithstanding what, life must maintain until its destined to finish.

Qasim Ali Mureed

Humayun Saeed, Shahzad Nasib

Rida Bilal

Rubina Ashraf,
Sami Khan,
Naveen Waqar,
Waseem Abbas,
Shaista Jabeen
Faris Shafi
Ghana Tahir
Maryum Mirza
Zubi Majeed
Khawaja Shahdab
Asma Omer
Ahmed Murtaza
Adi Adeel
Shabir Rana
Adil Wadiya